It all started when on January 3, 2002, Miss Ashley Donaldson agreed to meet me for lunch and enjoy the remnants of snow that beautifully blanketed the campus of Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama.  We took some photos of campus and its foliage with the snow, and like the fresh whiteness blanketing campus, little did I know that God was offering a fresh beginning to my life in the relationship He would build in us.  Since Ashley loves photos and making memories, we had a fellow “tiger” snap this photo [to be added later] to commemorate the day.


June of that year, we went to a Luau wedding shower for a friend of mine, and had a great time shopping for the bride and groom and just being together and getting to know each other.
















Above, you’ll see a photo snapped at Gulf Shores where we landed at the end of a work trip at the end of summer of 2002.  I “dropped” my cell phone in the ocean--convenient!


Come back often, as there’s much more to come!!